McKay Parking Lot Safety - After School Pick Up

For the safety of all in the parking lot, please follow the diagram and be careful!

McKay parking lot after school pick up map
  • Enter the school parking lot from Marjorie Lane. It is okay to turn directly into the school if there is no traffic or wait line. Children learn from us...please do not cut in line and be courteous to others.
  • Stay in your vehicle. McKay staff will ask your child's name and bring them safely to your vehicle.
  • When entering the lot, stay on the left side of the lot, and keep pulling forward all the way to the exit driveway as cars in front of you depart.
  • Keep the "center aisle" free for cars to turn out and exit the driveway with their student. As soon as your child is loaded, use this center aisle to turn out and depart from the lot.
  • Do not block the driveway or crosswalk or traffic on Scholls Ferry or Marjorie Lane. This prevents busses from entering and walkers from safely leaving.
  • If the parking lot is full of waiting cars, proceed down Marjorie Lane, turn around and form a line to enter the school lot as directed by a staff member. Please do not use the bus loading area for a U-turn.
  • Park ONLY in designated parking spots if you need to get out of your vehicle and go into school for any reason - there is no parking in unmarked areas.